29 March, 2010

Monday night's dinner.....the best laid plans of mice and men

Menu: eggs

Real Life: chilli sausages, garlic mash and chokoes!

Well a menu is a guide only isn't it? It is for me anyway. It's a tool but it's never set in stone.
"Eggs" was written on the menu on the fridge and when I went in this morning to "do my house round" that's what we were going to have. I was tossing up between frittata, quiche or maybe being really slack and having an English breakfast for dinner when the idea of eggs on toast for breakfast became all too much for me and before I knew it my 2nd oldest daughter, Sarah, and I were sitting down and tucking into a plate of eggs on toast with juice.
That sort of killed the plan of eggs for dinner as, when I'd finished, I really didn't want them twice in one day.
Back to the drawing board.
On the bottom of the menu board I write what "extra" meals we have and one of them this fortnight was sausages so sausages it was! Out of the freezer they came. Daughter number 3 loves garlic mash (butter, local fresh garlic, milk, salt and pepper) so that's what I decided to serve them with and my neighbour gave me some homegrown chokoes (just plain, cubed and boiled, served with salt and butter) on the weekend, which I adore, so they were added to the menu. Too bad for the ones who don't like chokoes! They were for ME!


  1. I love chocos, but i've never had them cooked. Delicious as a crunchy salad.
    Do you grow them?

  2. Wow there are a lot of choko lovers out there! I've never had them raw in a salad, might try that one soon and no I don't grow them sadly, a project on my list of things to do! These came from my neighbour.........her friend grows them.