23 June, 2010

What is a chowder?

This afternoon I'm making leek and potato soup because it's trivia night down the club and I have to have something easy on a Wednesday that everyone can eat whenever they happen to be there! I decided I wanted bacon in it and Sarah wants corn. As I stood pondering dinner in the shower this morning I wondered if that would make it a chowder?? So I had to Google it to satisfy my curiosity!

Here's an answer from the world according to wiki:

So I guess we're having potato and leek soup with corn and bacon after all. I wonder though, how many people actually make chowder these days with "salt pork backfat"? Basically, I guess, a modern chowder would be a soup thickened with roux (fat and flour) and then made with milk.

Potato and Leek Soup Recipe
(no measurements given at all, I go by how thick I want it!)
potatoes (add more cooked ones if it's not thick enough after blending)
leek, chopped and softened in a little butter or olive oil
salt and pepper
vegetable stock (or chicken)
First sort out the leeks........cut the green tops off and discard, cut the white part in half and wash well as leeks can be very gritty, then sauté till soft but not brown.
Add the peeled and chopped potatoes to the pan and then add the stock.
Add parsley and season with salt and pepper.
Boil and then blend to make smooth.
Check seasonings.
Sauté some bacon that's been cut up into bits and add that and some corn (well tonight that's what's happening anyway)
Serve hot!

21 June, 2010

My weight....and Masterchef Australia

The two topics have nothing to do with each other.........I seriously can't blame Masterchef for my weight! I just like food a tad too much. Though maybe there is nothing wrong with that at all!? BUT I weighed myself this morning and usually I write it on the calendar in the kitchen. NOT TODAY......no way. Not that in anyway do I want to "diet" but I do try and stay about what I am and not gain any more. I blame winter and the rhubarb and apple crumble. Maybe I should stop eating dessert? OR there is of course another option....................I COULD shave my head. I wonder how much I would lose that way?
Anyway, enough of that............The Entrance Markets were on again last weekend and as usual we went to get as much as we could for the fortnight but this time it seemed a bit different. It was a lot busier and I'm thinking they are gaining in popularity plus there were a few new stalls (though I wish the potato guy was there on a bit more of a regular basis).
Drayton's Wines were back. They had issues with The Entrance being alcohol free and it's taken since Christmas for them to work it out with council. Sadly none of the wines I tasted did much for me except the white chocolate liqueur (yum yum yum)..............though I had cleaned my teeth before we went. That may have had something to do with it? Next time I think I'll have to sample the ones I didn't sample on Saturday and maybe retry a few I did sample.No teeth cleaning first though.
And........this is where Masterchef fits in............Jake (who was eliminated because of the Rick Stein seafood platter challenge) has opened a seafood stall. EXCELLENT! They do cooked seafood to order plus fresh seafood. As a bonus Jonathan was there to support Jake because Masterchef is on a production break. They both graciously consented to have their photo taken with my baby granddaughter Isabella. I know they were a bit scared because they thought she was younger than she really is............ "I don't hold them under 6 months" was Jonathan's comment.............she's 8 months so it was all good!
Here are the photos!
Jonathan for the win this season!!!!! Go Jonathan! Besides the fact he can cook he seems an exceptionally nice guy.