29 March, 2010

The benefits of menu planning

My daughter Sarah and I sit down once a fortnight and plan a dinner menu. How much easier does that make my life? Very much easier is the simple answer.

My husband and I live in our driveway in our motorhome and the kids live in the house! Unusual but it works well for us. We've been there since we got back from a 4 month round Australia trip last August, so every morning, after the first coffee of the day, I toddle off inside to "do the house rounds".

With a menu on the board on the fridge all I have to do is have a look and get out whatever meat or ingredients I need for that night's meal.

The menu is only done after we have the meat/fish for the fortnight and that is what we base or meals around. We usually have 2-4 fish meals and a couple of egg meals plus maybe a vegetarian thrown in for good luck!

Our eggs come from a local egg producer in Johns Road (I went back to supermarket eggs last week and couldn't stand the staleness of them, I've been spoiled) so we had to do a dash out to the farm last Saturday.......our fish comes from the Co-op at Tacoma and lately we've been buying our meat from The Entrance Farmers Markets as much as we can anyway.

So we try and base our menu on what is local, fresh and in season.

No morning brain drain any more about what's for dinner, no last minutes dashes to the shop (well hardly ever) to get food, not very much takeaway and a more balanced meal plan...............overall a win for the finances, time and the headache inducing "what's for dinner mum?" questions at 4pm in the afternoon!


  1. Jenny that is really a great idea...I know I would benefit both psychologically and financially if I did the same, and have often thought about it....but I just never seem to get around to it....

  2. It doesn't take too long, usually about half an hour but I'll tell you something, it's much nicer to work it out with someone.......in my case Sarah!