24 April, 2010

Using up the limes......Lime Curd recipe!

No markets this week and some of the stuff we bought last week is getting a bit long in the tooth now! So I had to decide this morning what to do with the limes that I bought really cheap last week.

Definitely some more lime sorbet seemed like a winner and I decided that this time I'd whip the egg white a bit more before I put it in the ice-cream maker to stop the lumpy frozen eggwhite thing happening again and use the peel in the sugar syrup and then discard it rather than use grated lime rind.

It worked a treat!

Also there were just enough limes left to make some lime curd. It made 2 jars and will go quite nicely with my toast for breakfast tomorrow and for a few weeks to come I hope!!

Lime Curd Recipe
grated rind of 3 limes
juice of 3 limes
250g (1 cup) sugar
120g butter
2 eggs

Heat all the ingredients, except the eggs, in a double boiler over hot water till the butter melts and the sugar dissolves.
Take the boiler off the heat and add the beaten eggs in a thin stream, beating with a whisk, so you don't make lime flavoured scrambled eggs......return to the heat and stir till the curd coats the back of a wooden spoon.
Pour in to sterilized jars and seal.
Makes about 300ml.

Our stewed rhubarb had run out (Dave and I often have it on ice-cream after dinner) so I made more of that and chicken and veggie soup was on the menu for tonight...........all in all a busy day in the kitchen and it was 28 degrees today (where is Autumn??) so a rather sweaty one as well!

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