06 April, 2010

The Entrance Farmers' Markets

What a wonderland of food it has become! The Entrance Farmers' Markets that is............I can almost buy all my meat and fresh fruit and vege there now. I can get the milk as well, though sadly they are only on on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month so I can't get enough to last for the 2 weeks but 6 litres does a while and it seriously takes me back to the old days of milk with REAL cream on the top.........I know I could go to the organic shop at Erna but the drive is crazy just for milk.

The bread from Bill's is damn good too and we are making it a ritual to come home after the markets on a Saturday and have cheese from Caesar's at Erina (Hunter Valley Cheese Co, their washed rind is damn good) that I buy on Thursday/Friday before the markets with a Bill's sourdough baguette.....yumbo. That's what they are eating in the photo!

At the back of the photo on the kitchen bench is a selection of the fresh stuff we got last Saturday. The meat was already in the freezer................the other stuff was still out because I had to eat first to get the energy to put it all away!

"Make what you can out of what is fresh, seasonal and as local as possible" is one of my mottoes, though the apples from Orange are excellent at the moment and the saltbush lamb is pretty good too (from Narromine way I think) and though not totally local they are at least Aussie and from the same state! Got to consider those food miles and all...............but the best is the belted Galloway beef (my favourite looking cow, they look like the real thing!) from up Yarramalong Road, just out the back of our place.................they make great sausages too....I loved the mountain pepper and native thyme I got last month though they didn't have any last Saturday. At least now I know I can ring them by Wednesday and they will try and have what I want there waiting for me so I don't have to go too early.........mornings are just not my time seeing Dave works late and our life seems to revolve around his working hours.


  1. Just stopping by to say hi and wish you every success with your blog!

  2. Also stopping to say HI. Your kitchen sounds a bit like 'the gourmet farmer'.
    Good luck with the project

  3. Thanks to both of you....I am sort of doing a diary of my kitchen for my kids to read when they get older I guess...............I would say there are lots of kitchens like mine all round the world, I just wanted to document mine!

  4. What a great idea, to document your kitchen. That's whay I make scrapbooks and blog about my cards - I want my family to have a little piece of something that is important to me.

    I have a friend who has a cooking blog and who homeschools too - you might like the URL:


  5. Thanks Susan..............have started following her blog now. I'm not good enough to scrapbook, I wish I was, so I leave that to Kylie where as I can blog so it makes a good substitute!