07 April, 2010

The Menu!

Done last Saturday afternoon while sitting in the kitchen with Sarah after eating our "market and Caesars" lunch of bread and cheese and other yummy bits and pieces!

I leave it deliberately vague with only really the main ingredient written to allow me to decide what I want to do on the day...........though I usually have an idea!

It's based on what we have left from the fortnight before, what we have bought fresh at the markets and fish I will get at the co-op at Tuggerah.

This week we went to the co-op on Tuesday after Easter and they had very few fish at all............we only got 1 meal of leather-jacket and need to go back on Friday for another fish meal.....but it wasn't a waste because I picked up the eggs on the way home from Johns Road.

The sausages are made from belted Galloway and are local and the beef/steak is the same as well as the mince.

The meat for the stew is black angus from the Hunter Valley and the lamb is salt-bush from Narromine.

The chicken is free range, also from Narromine, and I'm thinking about butterflying it and using some sort of Portuguese seasoning on it.

Usually there is some sort of soup and/or vegetarian meals in there but for some reason it didn't happen this fortnight.........maybe I need the iron?

Saturday: corned beef

Sunday: sausages

Monday: chicken kiev

Tuesday: leftovers

Wednesday: beef salad

Thursday: chicken

Friday: fish

Saturday: sausages

Sunday: steak

Monday: mince

Tuesday: lamb rump

Wednesday: stew

Thursday: sausages

Friday: fish

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