10 February, 2012

New Year's Resolutions in February

I have no idea why but today I woke up and had this random urge to get my act together! So who cares whether today is January 1 or half way through February here is my list:

USE the budget that I spent time doing!!
Do I really NEED whatever I want to buy? Stop, think, wait THEN decide. Live within our means!
Remember it's not what I have but who I am that matters in the end.

Eat healthier (eg stop adding extra butter to prepacked microwave popcorn and pop my own in the microwave, it's not like it's hard!)
Stop wasting so much food. Use up what is going to go off before it really will kill someone and get creative with leftovers (or even remember there ARE leftovers).
Use as much Australian owned and local grown food as possible.

My way is not ALWAYS the right way...............well maybe it IS but there are other ways things can be done (so long as I don't have to watch).
Get the kids to do more jobs around the house.....now that's a win/win because I get to have more time (after they learn how to do something of course) and they learn independence so maybe they won't be here forever.
Don't sweat the small stuff.
Declutter every day for at least 15 minutes. Don't care what is being decluttered I just need to remember to do it and STOP after the 15 minutes because I tend to become a perfectionist and won't start unless I can finish it. It can be finished tomorrow and if I don't live to see tomorrow then who cares?? LOL The kids can chuck it when I'm gone BUT if I do 15 minutes every day then they won't have quite as much junk to cope with.

The Kids:
Be more consistent with Ryan's school work and limit his computer time a bit more. Plus enforce bedtimes and getting up times! Um moral here...........CONSISTENCY I guess? The "rules" are there but I get pretty slack about enforcing them at times.
Teach them both to declutter for 15 minutes every day.

Personal Stuff:
Eat a decent breakfast every morning. I know in my head, and in practice, that it stops me eating rubbish later in the day but it is so damn hard to remember sometimes.
Use the exercise bike 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
Blog more............

And FINALLY: Come back and read this post when I need a kick up the behind.

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