19 December, 2011

I grew garlic! I'm over the moon!!

Now this is a weird post but I seriously had to share it anyway! I had a clove of garlic many months ago that started sprouting so I pushed it in to some dirt next to my chilli plant in a pot and watched it grow. Now you would think I wouldn't be so damn amazed that I GREW GARLIC but you see here's the kicker...........a few months ago, after forgetting to tend, water, love or do anything to said chilli plant (and hence the garlic) I wandered past the pot to sadly find that my unloved garlic had died. The top leaves came off in my hands. I threw that in the bin and didn't give the poor baby any more thought. My garlic growing career was over, or so I thought!

Yesterday Ryan watered the chilli (plus the dirt next to it of course!) with the dog bowl water. Today I walked out the front and lo and behold there was an entire garlic bulb sticking up out of the dirt! Comment from son "wow I thought I had uncovered some weird eggs but I didn't think to tell you".

So today we have an entire organic homegrown bulb of garlic and my garlic growing career has been resurrected!


  1. Hi Jenny,
    A while back you left a comment on my blog about an organic food co-op you buy through - FIG. I'm just wondering if you have a contact number for whoever's in charge? I know of a couple of people who may be interested in your area. Thanks so much!
    Great blog by the way!
    Jo :)

  2. I can go one better! This is their website. http://figco-op.blogspot.com/