20 June, 2011

Little Creek Cheese

Little Creek Cheese

Just up the road from my house! This great cheese factory (I think it was April that the doors officially opened) is run by couple Sue and Russell who are totally dedicated to experimenting with new cheeses! Every time I go there they have something new to try and they have only been open such a short time..........I had a preview of their soon to be released cheddar last week and it is great......and time will make it even better I would say. They use milk from Udder Farm near Maitland and they now sell Udder Farm milk as well which is the milk I had been buying at The Entrance markets so now I don't have to go quite so far for my milk and I don't have to wait till market day to get it either. I have also been using their yoghurt as the starter for my own and it is great!

I would totally recommend their washed rind............beautifully stinky and soft!

If you love cheese, live anywhere near Wyong and want to buy food that is as local as possible I would seriously suggest a visit to Little Creek to try their cheese!

Slowly I am converting as much of our food as I can to Aussie owned and made and as local as possible. Little Creek ticks that box for me!

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