23 June, 2010

What is a chowder?

This afternoon I'm making leek and potato soup because it's trivia night down the club and I have to have something easy on a Wednesday that everyone can eat whenever they happen to be there! I decided I wanted bacon in it and Sarah wants corn. As I stood pondering dinner in the shower this morning I wondered if that would make it a chowder?? So I had to Google it to satisfy my curiosity!

Here's an answer from the world according to wiki:

So I guess we're having potato and leek soup with corn and bacon after all. I wonder though, how many people actually make chowder these days with "salt pork backfat"? Basically, I guess, a modern chowder would be a soup thickened with roux (fat and flour) and then made with milk.

Potato and Leek Soup Recipe
(no measurements given at all, I go by how thick I want it!)
potatoes (add more cooked ones if it's not thick enough after blending)
leek, chopped and softened in a little butter or olive oil
salt and pepper
vegetable stock (or chicken)
First sort out the leeks........cut the green tops off and discard, cut the white part in half and wash well as leeks can be very gritty, then sauté till soft but not brown.
Add the peeled and chopped potatoes to the pan and then add the stock.
Add parsley and season with salt and pepper.
Boil and then blend to make smooth.
Check seasonings.
Sauté some bacon that's been cut up into bits and add that and some corn (well tonight that's what's happening anyway)
Serve hot!

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